#High blood pressure and high cholesterol are primary risk factors for hearty attacks and strokes. Secondary risk factors include inactivity, low aerobic fitness, obesity and diabetes.

Healthy eating and physical activity will help to reduce these risks – losing just 10% of your body weight will reduce your risk of dying from a stroke by 40% and your risk of a fatal heart attack by 30%.

If you’re ready to to make the change I can help you with a realistic target weight with achievable, step by step goals. I can help you with an eating plan to suit you and help you get active by choosing activities you enjoy and are therefore likely to keep up to.

I will ask you to complete a heath questionnaire and food diary before your first appointment. This will be discussed in detail at the first appointment and your specific health goals will be addressed.

It may be that you only need one appointment to help you make changes beneficial to your health but more complicated health problems may need further appointments.The initial consultation is free of charge. Charges for follow up appointments are based on your individual needs.

 For more information please complete the contact form below and send it to me.